My new life…

Day 4: 362ish days to go…

So, this is the life of a girlfriend in love with a deployed soldier.  No amount of preparing can ever ready you for the difficulty that comes with this sort of pain.

Let’s start out with the year that i’ve had: First, I got laid off from my job in Knoxville in March.  Meanwhile, my family was hit by a tornado in Fayetteville, causing extraordinary damage to my Dad’s brand new office and a little to their house.  Praise God they were okay though.  I packed up everything I own and moved back in with my parents in Fayetteville while I found a job.  Thank God you can always go home! 🙂  Meanwhile I started talking to Ryan on Facebook and through text messages.  We started talking on May 19 (I remember because it was my niece’s 10th Birthday).  Although I knew i’d had  a little bit of a crush on him since his mom worked for my Dad years ago, we were just talking as friends and “hanging out”.  Neither one of us knew what the year would hold since he already knew he was deploying.

Then, I got the job in Miami.  So, I packed up everything and moved down here (still waiting on my items in storage to arrive…two months later!)  It’s been one drama after another!  LoL, but that’s okay.

Ryan left on September 9, 2011 to head overseas for 12 months.  Whenever I think about the time and the distance and what he’s doing, I feel like I can’t breathe and like I REALLY need to throw up.  So, i’m trying to keep myself busy with work, school, getting involved with church and just focusing on little goals for myself.  Right now, goal 1:  Make it to the first weekend in October when I get to see my family again.  After that, we’ll set a new goal.  There is a lot to keep me busy from October to New Year’s so hopefully I can get past this first little bit pretty easily.  Then by the time 2012 is here I can say “He’s coming home this year!” and REALLY start the countdown.

Anyway, this will be my outlet for now…my therapy. 🙂

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