Stupid people annoy me….

Day 5: 361ish days to go…

I’ve never been one for patience, especially when it comes to chronic stupidity.  Now, I really have none…at all.  The more that I watch the news or see what people post on their facebook pages, the more I realize that we are truly living in the end times.  God talked about there being a great turning away and that people would fall for anything.  I don’t know how He keeps loving them and has patience for them.  I’m sure sometimes people wonder the same thing about me, but I just don’t see how people can look at something right in front of them and still not see things objectively.  They really buy into the media and/or what some idiot politician without even a resume outside of college has to say.  Get a clue, kids.

Also, i’d like to include a little list i’d like to call “What not to say to someone with a deployed loved one”:

1) Do you miss him/her?  (If I didn’t, we wouldn’t be together.  Don’t be stupid)

2) Is it hard?  (Refer back to #1)

3) Are you scared?  (Refer back to #’s 1 + 2. If I wasn’t then I would be the idiot.  Plus, in my job…it’s a constant reminder and now I work even harder to protect the warfighter in any way that I can)

4) Why do you do it? (Because we care about that person…and are more proud than you will ever understand.  I personally don’t know of a braver, smarter, stronger 24 year old man anywhere.  Nor am I looking so don’t bother asking that either.)

5) We don’t need to hear about your brother’s uncle’s friend who was hurt over there.  We are scared and paranoid enough and some of us are trying to lean on God to take care of this.  Don’t be negative.

6) We do NOT care about your hippie views on the war and the government.  No one likes war (except for maybe muslim extremists), especially not the military and the people who love them.  I personally have been through this with my Dad, big bro-in-law, and now my boyfriend.  It’s not fun, it’s not enjoyable, and it is one of the worst things.  However, it is a fact of life and they all volunteered to fight for your freedoms and to keep you safe.  It takes a strong person and a hero to leave the people that they love to go to a foreign land and fight for your right to be an idiot.  So while I support your right to free speech…speak elsewhere.  We are trying to lift up our soldiers and keep them in good spirits…go hang out with the Westboro Baptist Church.

And so concludes my rant for today.  God Bless!

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