Stay busy…

Day 6: 360ish days to go…

Well, I get to leave the office at noon today since my movers are finally coming to deliver my property (2 months later!).  The days/nights are getting a little easier to handle.  I’m sleeping better and i’m actually able to keep some food in my stomach.  It’s nice to know that I get to talk to him and see him (through video chat) every day.  I feel like it’s easing me into this separation thing.  Right now it’s just dealing with the weirdness of the separation and missing him like CRAZY!  I just hope and pray that they get good internet connections where he is going or the next 11 or so months are going to be really hard.  Praying for the best!  I seriously have NO earthly idea how people did this before technology.  Skype, Tango and FaceTime are my new best friends!  It’s free with WiFi (or 3G for me) and we get to talk on the phone and see each other!  It makes it sooo much easier to be able to see his handsome face and feel like he’s not an ocean away from me.  I’m glad that he had a little bit of a “vacation” before heading straight over and that he’s able to see a little bit more of the world. 🙂  As of right now, I have a good feeling about us, our relationship and our future.  I know it’s in God’s hands though and i’m trusting Him.

Now to stay busy with work, school, traveling, and unpacking/decorating.  I’m trying to stay as busy as possible and to have mini things to look forward to so that the time will pass as quickly as possible.

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