More to keep me busy…

Day 7: 359ish days to go…

Well, we’ve made it almost a week!!!!  I’ll consider every Friday as another check mark. 🙂  I’m hoping that the rest of the weeks go by a lot faster.  It still seems as though there are so many unknowns since he’s not in country yet, but I can handle that as long as he’s safe.  It’s weird but it’s almost a relief that the deployment has started.  There is so much dread, anticipation, stress and nervousness that comes with thte deployment…especially when it’s your first one.  Now it’s like, okay, we’re one day (almost one week) closer to him coming home!

All of my furniture/belongings got here yesterday, so as stressful as it will be to unpack and get organized, it will definitely give me something to do for the next few weeks.  I’m trying to downsize as much as humanly possible so that when I move back home it won’t be any harder than necessary. Where to begin though??  LoL  Also, next week I start my “in between” 8 week course for the Fall semester.  For a little while i’ll have 3 classes on my plate.  Fine by me!  The busier the better…and the closer I get to my degree.  Graduation is also something that I have to look forward to.  I’m so excited and ready to at least have my Associates Degree and feel like I have something to show for all of these classes and this work.

R was sick yesterday and I hated not being there for him!  I love spoiling him and doing things/being there for him.  It kills me that he’s so far away and I can’t help at all.  Trusting that God still has a reason for all of this though and praying that everything brings us closer together. 🙂

God Bless!

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