Day 18:

It’s definitely a new feeling getting used to not talking to R. every day.  When we’re together…we’re together 24/7.  If not, we’re usually texting all day and talking for long periods of time on the phone.  Even when he was in Europe we talked almost every day…sometimes for hours at a time.  I’ve had one 15 minute phone call from him since Thursday night!!! 😦  We have emailed a little bit and that has helped, but it’s not enough in my opinion.  (But then it never will be as long as he’s away from me!) I am grateful though…beyond grateful.  I know that he’s doing the best that he can and he has a lot of people to stay in contact with.  Plus, there are many MANY soldiers who do not get the same luxury.  It will take some getting used to and we’ll soldier on!  Embrace the suck!  haha

I’m actually in a really good mood today.  I don’t hate coming in to work anymore, I got a lot of schoolwork accomplished on my lunch break and I have some exciting stuff for R’s first care package.  I’m so anxious to get it out, but I have to wait for one more thing to come in the mail before that happens.  I absolutely can NOT wait to get this stuff out to him.  I think it’s going to make his day…at least I hope it does.

Well, more later…~MeliMel

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