Pushing on…

Day 20:

I definitely have my ups and downs, that’s for sure.  This whole thing makes me feel so bipolar and like i’m on some kind of freak emotional roller coaster.  I feel like I have such a short fuse…which irritates me.  Sometimes i’m just sad and lonely and other times i’m anxious and excited about the future and what I have coming up. 

Right now i’m trying to keep myself as busy as possible.  When i’m bored is when it hits the hardest.  I’m pouring myself into work and school and hoping to travel as much as possible.  I have at least 5 trips scheduled between now and the end of the year (both business and personal) and that’s definitely going to have some additions to it.  Also, one of my girlfriends should be coming to visit the first weekend in December and we’re running in the “Warrior Dash” so I gotta get prepped for that one.    I can’t wait to be hot, skinny, in shape, have my degree, and almost done with my bachelor’s by the time R. gets home.  So much to look forward to and accomplish before then.  Just trying to set mini accomplishments and milestones and things to look forward to so that the time seems to go by faster.

Almost 3 weeks in!


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