Deployment does NOT equal Single…

Day 21:

I got an email from R. yesterday…amazing how that just makes my whole day!  Plus, the last few days have been absolutley beautiful outside (weather-wise).  I’m pretty excited that I get to go home this weekend too!  I get to see my family who I love soooo much and go to the NC State game.  Should be good since they’re playing GA Tech who’s ranked.  GO PACK! 🙂

A bunch of the military guys are working out of our office today and it made me proud of R and sad because I miss seeing him in his uniform.  I realize it’s going to be a long time before I get to again. 😦  But, tomorrow makes 3 weeks…just gotta focus on the time that has passed and now what lies before us.  If I don’t, then I go crazy!

Gripe of the day: Peopl having no respect or just being stupid.  Do NOT hit on me right now.  That only angers me for 3 reasons: It makes me hate you for your lack of respect for my boyfriend fighting your freedom, respect for me as a woman in a happy relationship, and because it makes me miss him and wish that he was here so that you wouldn’t even try.  Deployed does NOT equal Single.  I don’t want to hear how dangerous it is, how old I am, how long I have to wait, the dangers of a long distance relationship, etc. etc.  I know all of the above and i’ve experienced the bad before.  You’re not telling me anything that I don’t already know and I am choosing to be positive about our relationship and our feelings for each other…so back off!

That concludes my ranting for today. 🙂


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