3 Weeks Down…


Day 22

We’ve made it 3 weeks!!!  Everyone says time will start to fly by, so I hope that it does soon.  I just can’t wait to start seeing the numbers getting closer together and the time elapsed and then the second number to get smaller. 🙂  I’m back into a sort of routine now and the holidays are coming up, so hopefully the time will fly by to 2012.  Just trying to focus on all of the positive things right now. 

I finally got the first care package out today at lunch time so we’ll see about how long it takes to get there.  If nothing else, this whole thing will teach me how to better prepare ahead for things.  For instance, for Christmas I will probably try to send him a package around Thanksgiving so that he has decorations and presents well in time for the holidays.  I’m setting up little reminders on my calendar to remind me when to send the next card/care package.  This will be easier after the holidays when i’m not doing the “themed” packages as much.

Oh well, we’re getting there…almost at the 1 month mark 🙂


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