Day 28

I had SUCH an amazing dream last night.  I dreamed that I got to go visit R. overseas!!!  It was so amazing…yet weird…and not at ALL realistic.  It’s funny how I threw in things that I knew or had seen in pictures but then it was somewhat Americanized.  Haha, I hated waking up and coming into work this morning. 😦  Ugh, my dreams are definitely better than reality at the moment.

So, i’m learning to set little milestones.  Right now, finish this 8 week set of classes by next Friday.  Then, Tricia’s baby shower, then NY, then Thanksgiving, and Christmas, then it’ll be 2012 and he’ll be coming home to me that year!!!  Haha, then begins the Spring Semester and coutdown to graduation!  Right now, that’s a lot easier than 11ish months…that just seems so overwhelming.

It’s back to the real world I guess…at least for now.


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