4 Weeks Down!!!


Day 29

Well, it’s officially been 4 weeks since I helped R. get all of his last minute running around done, turn his barracks keys, and kissed him goodbye in the hanger.  Wow, it feels like such a lifetime ago already and it’s only been 4 weeks!  Looking back it has gone by fast, yet it feels like it took forever.  Such a weird feeling.  I swear, deployments bring on so many different thoughts and emotions!

I do feel like i’m part of a “sisterhood” so to speak with Army wives, girlfriends, significant others.  These women have been so amazing in reaching out to me and helping me through this…especially when their situation seems so much worse to me.  How everyone teams up and lifts each other up is just so encouraging to me.  The feelings are so different than any other person.  I have done the deployment as the daughter, which was very hard…but it didn’t compare.  I’ve done it as a little sister…so not the same.  I’m quite sure it would bring about such different emotions as the parent, but hopefully I won’t learn that one too!!!  LoL  I have so much more respect for my mom doing this while taking care of the 3 of us while Dad was gone.  I also have so much more respect for the ladies who are with SF guys or anyone who does multiple deployments.  You all are my heroes!!!  It’s not easy having half of your heart on the other side of the world, fighting for you and strangers, and never hearing from them.  I also have more respect for the ladies in wars past…how did they go months without so much as a letter?!  Wow…I don’t want to imagine.  It’s been a week since I even got the last email and it’s already killing me.

Oh well, as everyone says: No news is good news!  And STAY BUSY!  I’m holding tight to both…that and prayer. 🙂  So thankful that my God, best friend, and Daddy will always be with me no matter what.  I can call out to Him whenever I need Him.  What an awesome encouragement.  🙂 “Not Alone” is the song of this week!!!


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