5 Weeks Down!!

5 WEEKS DOWN!!!! Day 36

Today has been an insane week.  Work was really busy and I had a lot of assignments to finish up so that I can take my “Fall Break”.  However, it’s COB on Friday and it’s officially my weekend!!!!  I’m pampering myself in the next few days: Facial on Saturday and FINALLY getting my hair done on Tuesday.  It needs it desperately.

Also, I’ve hear from R. a few times this week which is nice because i’m used to not hearing from him anymore.  The most exciting part is that i’m going to get to spend his R&R with him!!!!!  It’ll be a little more than half way through his deployment so we’ll have the big part over with!  I am so ecstatic I can hardly control myself.  I wasn’t planning on seeing him and wasn’t sure if he’d want me to so I’ve been counting down the year and now that gets to change!  Less than 7 months sounds WAY better than less than 11.  haha  So I think he’s going to come here and then we’ll take a week long cruise.  This lets him see my apartment and gives us both a little down time to relax and just be together…then some time to travel (while still relaxing).  It’s going to be heaven and i’m so excited.

Right now i’m so excited about everything.  The hardest part is over, I think and time is actually moving a little quicker now.  Plus, there is so much coming up for me within the next few months.  I’m traveling to 1-2 places at least every other week until after the new year.  Craziness.  Now to work on more care packages and keep busy until the countdown really kicks up and I get to see him again.  Oh, I can’t wait!!!  I’m going to make his R&R so EPIC! 🙂

~Meli Mel

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