Change of Plans…

Day 46

Change of plans from my last post.  My Grammie Walsh was not doing well last week so we ended up cancelling Patricia’s baby shower on Saturday.  Since I was in NJ/Philly for a training class, I was able to drive up with my family and spend the weekend with her and everyone else that I love.  She is holding her own, but still not well.  My prayer is that she makes it to Christmas.

I got to hear from R. a lot last week cause he was on K.P…which really stinks for him.  However, he was able to stop by the USO before heading to the hanger and was able to email me almost everyday.  I also go to talk to him on the phone on Saturday and Sunday!!!  I’m a very blessed girl!  I just can’t believe how wonderful he is to me.  I feel like I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop and for things to get bad, but he just continues to be amazing.  I do miss him soooo incredibly much though and can’t wait until he comes home for Rest & Ryan time (R&R)!  It’s going to be HEAVEN having him here and I can’t wait for the reunion!  It’s exciting to think that we’re done almost 2 months!  This Friday makes 7 weeks and it’s almost November…that’s so awesome! 

The next few weeks are going to continue to be crazy with all of the traveling and stuff, but I am perfectly okay with that!  I love getting out of the office and helps me to stay busy and keep my mind off counting down the days/weeks/months until he comes home.  Now I need to go work on a Thanksgiving box for him! 🙂


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