Another weekend down…

Day 58

Well, this weekend sucked as bad as my week did.  I had a migraine that I just could not get rid of no matter how many meds I took.  Then it seemed like everyone and everything was getting on my nerves, the “hurricane” made it rain just enough to be dreary and disgusting out and I was just so irritated with the whole situation.

Work was a lot better today.  On my lunch break I finished up my paper for Theology (my in-between 8 week course) and finished my final.  As long as I don’t miss more than 26 points out of a possible 200, I should get an A for the course.  YAY!  One more course down and i’m almost in the range for my GPA to get out of the gutter for graduation and to get off of academic warning from when I was stupid before.  PLUS, I am officially classified as a SENIOR!  That is such an amazing feeling and I have a new ambition to work hard and “finish strong”!  Jerry would be so proud of me!  I can’ t believe that in a few months i’ll finally be able to submit an application for graduation with my associate’s degree! 🙂  I’m so excited about that 🙂

Just trying to turn around my attitude and focus on the good in my life instead of what is going wrong.  I have a lot of things to be excited about.  Sometimes you have to work through the pain and preparation for the best rewards.  Those being GRADUATION with my degrees and R coming home to me.  Soldier on!!


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