Day 76

So it’s been awhile since i’ve been on here.  Crazy couple of weeks.  But, we’re over 10 weeks down now!  I’m 28 now and getting old!!  Haha R has his tentative R&R date to come see me so that’s pretty exciting!!!  It also falls over a holiday so that’s one less day that i’ll have to take leave for.  I’m super excited to not have to work that whole time and to just be able to spend all day/night with him.  It’s going to be like HEAVEN!  Ugh, It will have been over 8 months since the last time i’ve seen him by the time I jump into his arms at  the airport.  I may have a heart attack out of excitement!

I got R’s Christmas box out on Monday so i’m pretty excited about him opening it.  So thankful that he’s been so good to me and supportive…I think moreso than i’ve been to him and it should be the other way around!  haha  He’s so amazing and i’m so beyond happier than i’ve ever been in my life.  God has truly blessed me!

Only like 3 more weeks left in this semester and I get a few weeeks break before my crazy 18 credit hour semester comes up in the Spring.  I got this though…cause May 12th i’ll finally have my associate’s degree!!! Yay!!!!  Then i’ll only have like 2.5 more semesters to go for my bachelors degree and hopefully R will be able to see me graduate for that one.  That one is going to be EPIC.

Only a few more hours stand between me and my family in Maine now.  So stoked to get home to them and the beautiful snow that is already falling. 🙂


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