12 Weeks Down…

12 Weeks Down!!! 

Day 85

I’ve been slacking off with the writing on here!  We’re 12 weeks in though and it feels good to know that we’re making progress!  40 weeks already sounds better than 52. 🙂 Soon Christmas will be here and i’ll be at home with my family where time flies…then New Year’s and it’ll be time to start counting down the 20 weeks until he comes home to me on R&R!   Ugh, i’m so incredibly anxious!!!  That will seem way better to know it’s not “next year”…it’ll already feel like we’ve put a good chunk of it behind us and we will.  At that point we’ll be at almost 4 months in! 1/3 of the way there!

R. got his Christmas box yesterday and was excited about the video montage that I sent him to two songs that we like describing our feelings on this deployment.  I made him cry, so mission accomplished!!!  I also got his Birthday present for me and it was a pink bathrobe to go with my comfy brookstone slippers he bought me this summer while he was in Miami.  He even had the bathrobe embroidered with “Meli Mel” on the chest!!!  It is the sweetest thing that anyone has ever done for me and I cried!  I love that man so much and can’t believe how blessed I am to have caught him!  He is, by far, the greatest thing that has ever happened to me!!

I’m in week 6 of my classes and should be done all of my assignments by a week from Monday (sooner if I wasn’t going to DC next week).  Then two weeks to shop for Christmas and then it’s home to Maine/NY for the holidays!  This month should fly by for me, so I hope it does for my baby too. 🙂


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