We made it to April!!!

Week 30/Day 208

I haven’t been on here since Christmas…wow.  I’m such a slacker!  LoL  Well, we’ve made it another 4 months almost!  We’ll be 7 months in on Monday.  Time is starting to go pretty slow, but i’m trying my hardest not to think about it.  R&R is getting close!  I have a one week class to take up in in MD in two weeks, then seeing my sister for the weekend. 

I FINALLY graduate with my Associate’s degree on May 12!  T-39 days until I get my first college degree!  I’m so excited that it doesn’t even really seem real!  The classes are definitely getting harder and everytime I look at the big picture I scare myself.  I have a habit of freaking out if a project is too big, so I have to focus on just getting through one week at a time on these last two classes before graduation.  Technically i’ll be able to finish up in December for my Bachelor’s even though I won’t graduate again until next May.  I’m just worried about my GPA since I couldn’t retake all of my classes that I screwed up on last time I was enrolled. 😦  I wish there was a way… 

Ugh, it’s soooo hard to concentrate or do anything knowing that R&R is right around the corner, but I still have so much to do!  I’ve lost exactly 20 lbs since he left, but I have another 8 to go (at least).  I’m hoping to get as close to 130 as possible before he steps off of that plane! 🙂


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