Post R&R world and officially a fiancee!

39 Weeks Down…Day 280

Where to begin…R&R.  R&R was the best 15 days of my entire life all rolled into one.  All of the pain from seeing Ryan get on the bus on September 9, all of the stress and worrying, all of the sleepless nights….all were washed away when he gave me that first kiss and took my breath away.  There is no describing that moment to anyone who hasn’t lived it.  8 1/2 months is a long time to be away from your best friend and the person that you love most in this world.  Neither of us could stop from touching each other.  We had to be cuddling or holding hands at all times and even though we got a little grief for it, most people understood and thought we were super cute. 🙂

We managed to take it pretty easy and fit a lot of activities in…all at the same time.  Best off, Ryan proposed!!!!  For our anniversary we wanted to get pictures made on the beach and then go to a nice dinner.  During the pictures while we were down at the ocean, Ryan pulled out the ring and proposed!!  It was better than anything i’d ever pictured and it was such a surprise.  Did I mention I have the most amazing man on earth?!

Over R&R we took a trip down to Key West for a few days to get massages and dinner on the beach in our own private cabana.  We also took a seaplane ride down to the Dry Tortugas to visit Ft. Jefferson and get in some snorkeling (amazing and we HIGHLY recommend).  We also got to play with our monkey friends again at Monkey Jungle!  We also spent a few days with his family who drove down from NC to spend some time with us and then we had a few days to just relax alone before he headed back out and we knocked out the last piece of this deployment.

Even though we had about 3/4 of the deployment over with, in some ways this goodbye was way harder.  Our feelings are more concrete, we’re closer as a couple, and we both knew the “hell” we were going back to.  To be honest, we’ve kind of lost our patience with the whole thing.  It’s so weird, but we’ve both said how even being engaged makes us feel so much closer and more connected to one another.  As mom says, we’ve already started our family and it’s time to work even more on our foundation for our marriage.

Here’s to kickin butt on the rest of this deployment and getting my soldier and fiance back home safely to me!

Oh, and Happy 237th birthday to the US Army!


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