He’s the reason we’re free…but I still miss him!

42 Weeks Down…Day 301

Today is Independence Day!!!!!  It is my favorite holiday magnified by the people in my family that have fought and served this nation that I love so much in order that we may be free.  I am amazed more and more everyday by the strength and resolve that Ryan shows during this deployment.  Even on his down days, he still thinks it’s amazing to be walking in the footsteps of all of the men and women who have gone before.  As much as I HATE him being there, i’m so thankful for people like him who give up even their barbeques with their soon-to-be families and work 12 hr days 6 days a week in a war torn country.

Today is so hard for me to be away from him.  I’m so torn.  It seems so fitting to be celebrating the fruits of his (and Daddy/Momma/Benjamin’s) labors…on the other I don’t feel like living through YET ANOTHER holiday without my soldier.  It is so hard to go without the love of your life during things like this.  At the fireworks everyone will be snuggled up with the person they love and kissing under the lights in the sky while I look up and pray for his safe return for the 1 billionth time.  I know that we are SOOOO close to homecoming it’s not funny, but I am getting back into that funk that hits every now and then.  I just miss him.  I just want him up here to meet the rest of our family and to experience our life up here as New Englanders.  I want him to wrap his arms around me and watch the shows…to kayak/paddleboat out on the lake…and to just laugh.  Oh, I miss his laughter…

I will go on, dust myself off and enjoy my time with my family.  That is what he would want me to do and I am proud that my fiance is a very real factor in our ability to continue to celebrate.  I urge everyone, as you celebrate the day with bbq’s and with quality family time…think of the men and women in harm’s way and say a prayer for their safe return, for their strength, and for their peace of mind.  Thank a veteran and a soldier for the freedoms you enjoy…and have fun…it’s what they would want. 🙂


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