Blessed Beyond Measure!

43 Weeks Down…Day  307

The past few days I have really taken a step back and have been thinking of what a blessed life I lead.  As this deployment is coming to a close and Ryan and I are getting into full swing wedding planning, I can’t help but be excited for our future and what God has in store!

How many girls from a small town in Maine get the opportunity to grow up all over the world?  I have lived in 1 other country, 7 states and traveled to countless other places.  I’ve moved to three of those states all on my own for my career!  We even got to get engaged in South Beach!  I had the extreme privilege of growing up as an ARMY B.R.A.T. and now God has given me the most amazing soldier to spend the rest of my life falling more and more in love.

Mostly, I am thankful for a God that loves me unconditionally and who gave me such an amazing life, for parents that raised me to love this God, respect others, and to always put family first…and to become one with the most perfect man that I could have never even dreamed up!

This deployment has changed us both and we have definitely grown together.  There have been so many frustrating moments and I’ve hated seeing him go through difficult things without being able to help him.  I can’t help but be proud of us for what we’ve done together though and so thankful that we’re nearing the end of this thing.  I can’t wait to have my soldier home and finally get started on this next chapter of our lives.  I can’t believe that we are starting our own family, forging our own path together and that I finally have someone to complete me.  He is my best friend and my everything after God and I can’t believe how blessed I am!


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