The end is in sight!!!

44 Weeks Down…Day 314

I have to say that my mood has increased tremendously the last week or two!!!!  We are getting soooooo close to Ryan’s homecoming and it’s starting to actually feel real.  Soon we’ll be past his mail cutoff date and soon i’ll be able to say “he’s coming home next month”!!!  There are so many emotions (only good this time) in the homecoming.  I have my outfit picked out, but I just have to order it.  I have to pack up my apt so I can move back home soon.  Best of all, my amazing fiance and I will FINALLY be living in the same state again!!!  I refuse to let anyone bring me down with normal drama at this point.  My stress level has been on the constant rise, but it’s finally getting better.  I can’t even explain how excited I am…I can’t image how much different it will be as we get closer and closer.

I’ll never forget the feelings and the heart-stopping kiss I got seeing him come toward me at Miami International.  You can never verbally express how amazing that feeling is to someone who has never lived it.  Best moment of my life, hands down.  How much more perfect will it be when we know he’s home for “good” this time?!

One of my girlfriends told me last night that her husband is deploying soon.  My heart breaks for everyone else is in my shoes from a year ago.  As we get closer to homecoming it’s so hard to concentrate on anything but the sheer joy of knowing that this nightmare is almost over.  However, I refuse to ever let myself forget these feelings.  I have to remember that there are other soldiers/spouses who are at the beginning of their hardest year (or 9 months now).  I vow to keep them in my prayers and to help everyone else out in the same ways that i’ve been helped.  That’s what we’re all here for anyway!  Even though i’m not a wife yet, i’m amazed by how great the bond is between military spouses.  Of course there is drama and craziness, but i’ve had so much support from others.  Hooah for being an army brat and getting promoted to wifey! 🙂  (P.S.  Your puny little college sorority ain’t got nothin’ on this!!)

I am so beyond blessed to have the most amazing man in the world who supports me and loves & appreciates all of the little things I try to do for him.  We’re in a constant battle to see who can spoil who the most and I think that is GREAT for our relationship.  We are just so very much in love and I never knew that love could be this perfect or that I could be so happy.  There is nothing like knowing you’re in the will of God.  My wish is for everyone to experience a love like this…a love from God…a love that can not only survive but THRIVE in a year long deployment!

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel…and it’s not a train!!! 🙂


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