Hurry Up & Wait Some More…

50 Weeks Down; Day 354…

So, last night Ryan gave me the great news that his leave date was pushed back.  I guess that was to be expected, but I let myself get my hopes up.  Knowing the possibility and dealing with the reality are two very different things.  His mom and little sister are coming up from Florida so I just really hope he doesn’t miss seeing them.  It really feels as though you’re a kid in a swimming pool and your target keeps moving further away from you.  At least this is the big homecoming…no going back after this!!  (At least for now…)  It could be much worse and like a good little “soon-to-be” Army wife i’ll deal. 🙂

My last day of work at Verizon was last Tuesday, and I survived my first and last S. Florida Hurricane.  My condo in Miami is completely packed up and the movers will be here on Wednesday and i’m driving back to NC on Thursday.  It’s crazy to think that this chapter is FINALLY coming to a close.  All of my dreams are coming true and everything i’ve wanted for 29 years is about to be mine!

We just have to make it through these last few weeks and he’ll be home with me!!!  I can’t wait for all of the little things we’ve missed and had to endure watching others experience.  I’m anxious for beach trips, cuddling watching movies, dressing up for Halloween, THanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, birthdays, wedding planning…I could go on and on.  It’s hard to truly let myself get anxious and excited though until he’s in the U.S.  I can’t believe it’s real and I know the date could move yet again.  I can’t believe we’re almost done!!  Deployment #1, prepare to peace out!


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