Operation: Marry My Soldier (Update)

Operation Marry My Soldier is almost halfway over!  We only have 7 Months left until our wedding. I can’t believe how fast this engagement is going now that he’s actually in the United States with me.  There is still so much left to do and i’ll feel much better once we have the big stuff out of the way.  The exciting part is picturing everything, deciding on favor/decorations, and finally putting everything together!  Save The Dates have all been sent and we’ve purchased all of the little things we need now (cake toppers/garters, etc)

Mom, Ryan and I are going to a bridal expo on Saturday and i’m pretty pumped for that.  We’re hoping to get some good info on caterers and cakes (and videographers). To be honest, i’m pretty sure Ryan is just excited about the free food samples and picking out our menus.  But hey, if it gets him excited…i’m all for it!  He’s totally not your typical groom and has been so helpful.  I’m such a blessed woman!

I’m on my LAST two classes for my BS degree and only have 7 weeks left.  It feels so good to be that close my degree, but i’m pretty sure i’ll end up going back for my Master’s shortly after the wedding.  What can I say?  I LOVE learning more about what I do and I come from a family with a LOT of teachers! 🙂

The job front is still slow going.  I found a part time gig for now to just pay the bills (for which I am eternally grateful!)  However, I miss working in my field.  The more I think about being disconnected from everything, the sadder I get.  I’m definitely  learning what it’s like to be a military spouse.  His duty ALWAYS comes first.  I suppose I always knew this…being that we did just finish up a year deployment and we moved a LOT when Daddy was Active Duty.  However, Ft. Bragg really stinks in the job department and I guess i’ve taken it for granted that i’ve been able to find some AMAZING jobs the last few times i’ve been out of work.  My mom always says “God doesn’t trade down…he trades up!”  I know that He has the perfect position ready for me in HIS time so I guess I just need to have a little more faith.  Besides, it’s my job to be the supportive Army “wife” and follow Ryan’s career.

All that matters right now is that my soldier is HOME with me and we are planning the rest of our life together.  Everything else is minor in the grand scheme of things. 🙂

~Meli G ❤

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