Bachelor’s Achieved!

Operation: Marry My Soldier = <12 Weeks til "I DO"
82 days to go!

So, life is pretty crazy and awesome lately!  I have wrapped up my Bachelor's degree!  It is a pretty crazy feeling since i've been in college off and on since 2001.  It's so AMAZING to be done!  The only part that stinks is that Ryan missed my AA graduation becuase he was deployed, and now he'll miss my BS graduation because he'll be in training.  Again, joy of the army life.

We're really booking it on the wedding planning now that we're down to 2 1/2 months left!  We've gotten so much done, but I still have 109 "To-Dos" on my list on "The Knot" and that's not even everything!  I am loving every minute of it now though.  I feel like I can relax a bit more.  I am so beyond blessed that Ryan has been such a big help with everything.  I often hear about girls saying "Oh, they say that, but they never help".  He doesn't like to be excluded from ANYTHING and that's one of the many, many reasons why I absolutely adore him.  I so wish my sister and my best girlfriend were here to share in the fun, planning…and work, but again…the joy of the army life.

It continues to amaze me how God plans everything out even when we can't see what He has in store. I have a really awesome business opportunity that is coming up after the first of the year and it's an opportunity that I have always wanted. God truly has our best interests at heart and is constantly steps ahead of us. I am so blessed to have my future in His hands.

So, within our first month of marriage Ryan will be leaving for training and then we'll be PCS'ing within the first 3 months. I can't wait for these adventures though. Who knows where his career will take us and both of us love traveling and exploring new places. I think it will be great for our marriage and our little family to have all of these adventures together and I couldn’t ask for a better partner for the journey!


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