New Year…New Beginnings

Operation: Marry My Soldier = <10 Weeks til "I DO"
65 days to go!

I am pretty sure that everyone takes some time to reflect at the end of a year/beginning of a new one. Many take that time to make New Year's resolutions on things that they want to change in themselves. This year, rather than making one resolution, I am choosing to take one thing a month and work on it. For example, this month I want to stop complaining as much and try to be more positive. I realized that I often focus on the negative and the ways people have wronged me and I should be focusing on all of the good. This is MUCH easier said than done!

I am so very excited to fly to Tennessee tonight to visit my sister and her family. Her gorgeous babies are having their 1st birthday party on Saturday! It's so hard to believe that those two little miracles are turning 1! Everytime I see them I am reminded of God's wonderful blessings and how He gives us the desires of our hearts, even when it takes a miracle. 🙂

The wedding finally seems to be coming along as we get into crunch time. Next week we'll already be sending out invitations! Then we have to start working on all of the little DIY projects that I have planned for the reception/decorations/pictures. The closer we get, the more real it feels and the more anxious and excited that I get!

I can't wait to be Mrs. Grim!


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