Getting anxious!

Operation: Marry My Soldier = <8 Weeks til "I DO"
53 days to go!

The anxiousness is starting to set in!! Now that we have almost everything big booked and just the little things left, it's so cool to see it all taking on a life of its own. It's going to be so awesome seeing it all come together and I can hardly wait! This really is going to be my fairy tale wedding to my "prince" and I feel like i'm living in a dream.

Our wedding invites went in the mail yesterday, so hopefully everyone will have them this week and i’m super excited about that too. It’s really hitting me that in 7.5 weeks i’m going to be a married woman. It’s so crazy that you wait for this your entire life and then it’s so hard to believe when it’s actually happening.

Last night we sat down and picked out all of the “event”songs for the reception and, between the two of us, it’s definitely going to be interesting.

I am trying to remember to just enjoy all of the planning and the “journey” to the wedding, but i’m so anxious to see all of our hard work play out in the most special day of our lives. Sometimes I just feel like i’m dreaming. I can’t believe I get to marry the most amazing man on the planet. God is so good to me!!!


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