Operation: Marry My Soldier = <6 Weeks til I DO!!
39 days to go!

We received some bad news over the last week and it’s been a difficult time for everyone involved. It’s crazy how things come up when they do. We also finished out the Daniel Fast through our church and have been learning to pray and really spend time with God. I have already seen some major changes in some of the other conflicts that R and I have had come up against the two of us personally. I am trusting in God that He has complete control of this situation and will use it to His benefit. I’m also praying that He will strengthen and give faith to everyone involved in this.

It's crazy how close we are to the wedding and yet it still seems so far away. We had a very special (secret) appointment this weekend with our videographer and we can’t wait to surprise everyone with those results. This Saturday is my bridal shower. Phew, I finally get to be on the other side of a bridal shower and i’m super excited about that! 🙂 Plus, my best (girl)friend and maid of honor is coming in from TN. She has worked so hard on putting all of this together and I know it’s going to be a blast. We haven’t had the chance to see each other since last December, but we’ll make up for it this weekend! 🙂

I’m loving the wedding planning and enjoying “the ride”, but I just can’t wait to see it all come together. I am marrying the most amazing, handsome, strong, perfect, godly man on the planet and no matter what…I know it will all be a dream come true! Plus, we’re honeymooning in Ireland for 11 days…who wouldn’t be anxious??


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