Wrapping it up!

Operation: Marry My Soldier = ❤ Weeks til I DO!!
20 days to go!

It's been a crazy couple of weeks in our world! We're wrapping up the last of the wedding planning and should have pretty much everything done by the end of next weekend except for the little things. We had our tasting at Barrington this past week (the day that Duke beat down UNC 😉 and the food was to die for! I'm feeling pretty good about it all. It also seems like most of the people we care about will be at the wedding and that mans the world to us. I am just getting more and more anxious and exciting by the day! After 29 years i'm finally so close to marrying my best friend and having the best day of our lives! As an added bonus, in less than 4 weeks we'll be in Ireland!!

I am so thankful and blessed to have so many awesome girls surrounding me that have helped out so much. My sister has been amazing on top of dealing with some very difficult times in her life. My two best girlfriends have done so much to help us out and make sure that everything goes according to plan and this is everything we ever dreamed of. R is the most amazing fiance a girl could ever ask for. He is so patient and helps out so much…even when it's stuff most guys would never care about!

God has been watching out for our family lately. I know that He has everything in His hands and everything goes acoording to His timing and in His perfect will. As hard as it is not to give into the fear, I am so thankful for His protection and mercies.

More to come!


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