Last minute changes…such a whirlwind

Operation: Marry My Soldier = <2 Weeks til I DO!!
12 days to go!

I'm pretty sure our wedding planning story ranks up there with the craziest! It seems like it has been one obstacle after another, but we've still had a blast planning everything and remained very positive…for the most part.

I've always wanted to get married in the WARM AND SUNNY summer/late spring and we really liked the idea of memorial day weekend. Then, Uncle Sam decided he didn't like that idea. So the day after we put the deposit down on the venue, Ryan got orders and we had to switch to a chilly March weekend. Then we had 3 people in the wedding party back out…2 within 4 weeks of the big day! Thank God we have such amazing big brothers who stepped up at the last minute and are going to be groomsmen! We are so blessed that both Bens will be standing with us!

After we booked our cake baker, we heard all kinds of horror stories so then we had to find another baker way later than I would've liked. The guest list and RSVPs, i'm sure, are always fun trying to sort out. How do you make sure you don't way overpay or run out of food! It's definitely a balancing act.

A few weeks out, we got some scary news. However, we are so thankful that we serve such an amazing God and are believing in His awesome power to turn that situation around and use it for His glory!

We know that our wedding day will be the most special day of our lives and can’t wait for everything to play out. We’re even having better luck with the military and having to change my name and get in the system.

I’m so stinkin excited that I can barely concentrate on anything else at this point. I can’t believe i’m getting married next weekend!! 🙂

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