Stop messing with our WarFighters!!!

Operation: Marry My Soldier = 1 Week til I DO!!
8 days to go!

I grew up as an Army brat. I have worked in security and for military contractors for almost 10 years. My big brother is a Major and in 8 days i'm marrying my soldier. It's safe to say my entire world is wrapped up in the Army. So why would people choose to come to me with their anti-military propaganda? I've never seen or heard of so much anti-military crap as i've heard in the last few months and it really makes me sick to my stomach.

I’ve heard how our soldiers are all dangerous and controlling wife beaters and I should be concerned to marry Ryan. I’ve also heard how unintelligent they all are and how they can’t get a “real job”. Let’s forget the fact that we have a VOLUNTEER Army, so what happens if they all got “smart” and choose not to fight? Who’s gonna protect your sorry butt? Let’s also forget that some of the smartest people I know are in or did serve in the military before running for office, starting their own company or just saving the world in your military. Who works on high tech aircraft worth billions of dollars, or works as doctors/nurses/counselors or various other professions? They’re not a bunch of gun wielding psycho killers waiting to go home and beat the crap out of their wives. Like anything else, you have your bad eggs. However, I can vouch for the unity and tight knit community that is most Army units.

I’m really sick of hearing about how we’re the “world police” from people cause they watched some stupid cartoon, heard a few liberal talk shows, and decided they’re experts. You have no idea what our mission is apparently, and what we’re doing in those countries…who WANT us there. You only make yourself look like an idiot. On top of the random other comments I won’t even go into for the purpose of not rambling on, now we have the sequestration to worry about. So now our brave men and women putting themselves in harms way (not just in war zones) have to worry about losing their job/income/training/food/benefits that support them and their brave families. Our media and many government leaders demonize these brave troops and make them out to be horrible, unintelligent fools. They are anything but!! Why are they always the ones that get cut? Why is the security of our future not our main concern? Why are the people doing us a “service” and asking very little in return the ones that suffer the most? Why are the wives having to worry about how they’ll pay the bills and if their husband will lose his job on top of the typical worries of war time?

Start making smart cuts to the unneccessary departments/agencies/employees and stop ripping up everything we need to function as a nation and stay a super power. How about taking every person living off our tax dollars while they use their new iphone with their freshly manicured nails off of government allowances and into a job? That would save more money in a year than the not being in the entire Iraq/Afghanistan wars combined!! And while you’re at it, stop badmouthing our military to me…i’m the LAST person you want to spout your liberal/libertarian/hippie crap too. I know better.

These men and women are my heroes and my family…stop messing with them or you’re going to have some very angry army spouses that you NEVER want to stir up!!


1 thought on “Stop messing with our WarFighters!!!

  1. It’s freaking ridiculous. I didn’t fully understand until I started interning in a military office. I’ve been completely disgusted at the fact that my army chaplains are having to worry about running out and using all their budget money at once because they know their money will be taken away, and next year they will get hardly enough to cover anything. It’s disgusting that their civilian (former military) receptionist is getting cut a day of work a week because the government refuses to give the military enough money to pay the military salaries let alone the civilians who work for them. Its ridiculous that these family life chaplains are counseling PTSD clients who have JUST stepped off foreign soil, OR families who are struggling to keep it together before, during, or after an deployment, and yet their work isn’t deemed important enough to get paid for.


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