I choose to be thankful for our military…even if you aren’t.

A few weeks ago I posted about people continually messing with our warfighters. I was raised by two Patriotic parents who both served our great nation in the Army. My mom is also a history buff and one of the smartest people i’ve ever known and she is an amazing teacher. They taught us to love and respect not only the freedoms that we are blessed to have, but the current and prior military who have fought to keep those freedoms. I also grew up near or on Army posts so maybe i’ve been “sheltered” from America’s true opinions. Somewhere along the way, America forget about these sacrifices and we became a nation of self-serving, unappreciative wimps.

Lately, I have been astonished and absolutely sickened at people’s views on our brave men and women and those of us in the families standing behind our armed forces. I have actually heard a few people comparing contractors/GS employees to the military. As a contractor/prior government worker I can say this….we’re not even in the same zip code! While i’m not taking away from those who have gone overseas and continue to serve, the majority sit in their comfy positions making 2-3 times what our troops make and receive some of the same privileges (discounts/promotions). Please believe me when I say, IT IS NOT THE SAME THING! Our brave men and women leave their families for days/weeks/months/years on end. They have missed holidays, anniversaries, graduations, birthdays, births, deaths…and MANY more important moments that they can never get back and that you can’t begin to understand. They can’t quit and walk away if they don’t like what their boss is telling them. They can’t just find another job. I can’t even begin to list all of the sacrifices that they make every day of their lives. “But they signed up for this…they knew what they were getting into”, you say. Does that mean they should receive no benefits? Does that mean they should resort to food stamps while their husband is gone and they can’t work because the government took away school days/child care services and they can’t make ends meet? Does that mean we turn our backs on them and ignore the many sacrifices?

Again, I am a contractor and I have never served myself so I am not even comparing my life as an Army BRAT and now Army WIFE to what these brave men and women endure. However, I have seen firsthand the effects of this life and watched my Daddy first…then the love of my life board a plane not knowing if they’d come back and if so what shape they’d be in. (Although I was too young to truly comprehend with my Daddy). I have seen too many men and women affected by what they endure while fighting for your freedom, some just desperate to quiet the nightmares and get some sleep. These people can’t even get the proper medical care.

Now I hear people moaning and griping that they MIGHT get a pay cut or a be forced to take an unpaid day off??? If/when they cut our soldiers’ pay, they still have to work…without pay. They can’t get the training they need or the the ammo for their weapons and people whine about a little lost money? Please, go elsewhere until you learn to respect those who sacrifice for you.

I, for one, know that I can never thank these men and women enough for the sacrifices they have made. I am one blessed woman to be married to such a brave, honorable, patriotic, strong man to make these sacrifices so that your husband doesn’t have to. He will listen to your moans and complaints and still pick up his weapon and fight…without a thank you. It’s okay, i’ll thank him for you. 🙂


1 thought on “I choose to be thankful for our military…even if you aren’t.

  1. A very small percentage of Americans have actually served in uniform and fewer actually have a member of their family serving. I don’t really know that much of what you wrote will even provoke a response out of them. But this is a great blog, Melissa, and it is a story that needs to be told to a Nation that seems to care more for American Idols and dancing stars,than for our young Warfighters and their families.


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