PCS Update:

Side Note before I begin: I have the most amazing husband!! Everytime I meet someone new (a friend/coworker of Ryan’s) I always hear how much he is in love with me. I hear how he wouldn’t shut up about me while he was deployed and talked everyone’s ear off about our wedding and honeymoon. He is just as in love with me as I am with him and God could not have been more accurate and picking spouses for us. I am so truly blessed to be married to him and be one forever.

Ryan’s report date for training was this coming friday and everyone told him to get here 2 days early and we decided to be safe rather than sorry. So, after he finished clearing his unit/Ft. Bragg on Tuesday we had an amazing anniversary/goodbye dinner with some of our friends at Cheesecake Factory there then we decided to go home and pack up our stuff for the next few weeks. Once we signed him out at midnight, we drove straight through the night for the 10 hour drive to Ft. Campbell. Ryan had to hit the ground running pretty much as soon as he got in. Thank GOD my sister and her family are stationed here so they are letting us impose on them for the time being and Ryan had a place to get cleaned up.

I am realizing just how spoiled we have been over the past 7 months since Ryan got home from Afghanistan. I have been able to see him just about everyday and lately he and I have had a LOT of downtime to spend with each other. Now that training is his priority for the next few weeks, I so don’t know what to do not seeing him/talking to him all the time. It’s so silly…it’s not like he’s deploying (at the moment) and I have it waaay better than most, but I still miss him like crazy. I know that the time will fly and we’ll be setting up our new home and getting all settled in in Georgia in NO TIME. 🙂 Just gotta think about the end result…and remember it could be WAY worse 🙂 (I also apologize to all of the wives with deployed husbands…I would want to shoot me if I was you).

Meanwhile I have a great time spending time with the Thirey clan and even got to babysit for the world’s cutest 1 year old twins. 🙂 I love Josh and Savannah so much and they definitely keep you entertained!!! Hopefully we’ll get to take some walks, play in the yard, and have some fun times before I head back to NC for a bit to pack up all of our HHG’s(Household Goods) with the military. I am anxious to get to our new home and start getting everything set up!

~Melissa (sappy Army Wife)

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