GRIM PCS Progress

Our family is FINALLY back together! R has been hard at work at his training at Ft. Campbell and staying with my sister’s family. I finally wrapped up everything back at Ft. Bragg and all of our HHGs (Household Goods) have arrived down at HAAF and are waiting patiently for us! We have a family briefing next Tuesday and we should find out lots of helpful information about the unit that we’re now a part of and all of the benefits that come along with that. Then, R graduates on Wednesday!!!! I am so very proud of him and the hard work that he has put into this training. He is doing so well in his career and, even when it is difficult, he hangs in there and gets it done! We’re going to be part of a wonderful unit with a great community and we are pretty excited. 🙂 God always puts you where you should be, even when it seems like your world is a little crazy or getting flipped upside down for awhile!

After much thought, prayer, and discussion with my husband, I have decided to return to school in the fall for my Master’s. I’m majoring in Counseling/Marriage and Family Therapy with a cognate in Military Resilience. My goal is to work with military families. This is a huge change for me because I’ve been working in the National Security arena for about a decade now and to up and change careers is a little scary (and crazy according to some). I have always loved Psychology, but wasn’t really sure if that’s where God wanted me, but with the military kinda throwing a wrench into my other career now seems like the prime time to find a new passion. I debated this for awhile and went back and forth, then in church this past Sunday it was like God was speaking to me plain as day. We sang a song about trusting Him for our future and leading us in the right direction. I immediately started crying when I saw the words come up on the screen. It was definitely my answer to prayer!! God always delivers the answers we need in His timing…as long as we are willing to listen. I am still nervous, but I know that i’m in God’s will and I have a great man behind me supporting me 100% of the way!

We should get down to Hunter about mid-way through June and we are both super anxious to get down there and get established. It’s so exciting picking out a new home and learning a new community together! This is one of the things that I actually LOVE about the Army. It’s always a new and fun adventure! As long as our family has each other, we will be okay!

~Melissa Grim ❤

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