Our new family unit/Our neck of the woods

Things are starting to fall into place in our little corner of Savannah/Hunter AAF, GA. We’re finally in our place and our household goods arrived this morning!! We spent the day unpacking/organizing/washing/arranging and rearranging and we actually accomplished a LOT. It’s amazing how much more fun and easy everything is when you have a partner to help you through it all. It’s crazy just how much fun we have doing the simplest or most boring tasks. He really does make my life better in every way.

We tried out Savannah Christian Church on Sunday (1 of the 5 campuses) and we LOVED it. The campus that we attended is a few blocks from River Street downtown and is located in Lucas Theatre which is almost an 80 year old building and it’s so beautiful! Everything is pretty contemporary and they have TONS of ways to volunteer with outreach ministries. Neither of us can hardly wait to start getting involved, helping others, and getting to know some people here.

This week is 4th of July and it’s one of my favorite holidays (being that I love history and i’m “obsessively patriotic” as I’ve been told). Tybee Island (the best and closest beach) holds their fireworks right on the beach on the 3rd and then River Street in Savannah as theirs on the 4th so there will be lots of fun and celebrating for the Grim family! However, this is a little sad for me this year as my family has a HUGE celebration/family reunion every year in our hometown in Maine. I was really looking forward to taking Ryan home and introducing him to the extended family…and it’s the first year I’ve missed. It’s super hard to miss something like that, but it’s helping me to cement my new family unit with my husband. No matter what, our priority is to each other now and we have our own family to look out for. This is one of the first times that I’ve truly had to put that into practice.

Despite the “ups and downs” that come along with marrying a soldier, I am loving every minute of it. Every day is a new adventure with new places, new faces, and plenty of new things to do! Ryan makes everything so fun and even more interesting. I’m not sure if everyone is quite as happy as we are in our marriage, but I sure hope so! I know that we haven’t even been married for 4 months, but it has been the craziest/best/most enjoyable adventure of my life to date. He truly is my best friend and he definitely makes me a better person. I can’t imagine how I ever went through life before he came along and I found my “missing puzzle piece”.

Despite the bit of sadness and homesickness that I feel being away from the Walsh/Smith side of our family this week, I am excited to finish setting up our house and truly make Savannah our home for awhile. Thankful that God gave me such an amazing man to have me stand beside on this journey!


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