Put on the full armor of God

I was blessed enough to go to a Christian High School and attend an awesome youth group that strongly believed in spiritual warfare. However, often times we forget that we “wrestle not against flesh and blood” and that the things we battle are not of this world. For the last two weeks at our local church, our pastor has been teaching about spiritual warfare and putting on the full armor of God.

My husband and I have had a lot that has come against us since before we were even married. There are the usual things that people face: fighting with companies, getting our finances/taxes/property joined for our marriage and the normal stresses. Add to that the Army lifestyle and a PCS within a month of getting married as well as a month of separation (would have been longer if my sister and her family had not been awesome enough to take us in!) and it’s a lot to overcome. There will be a LOT of separations with the new unit he is with…and I fear we’ll be apart more than we’re together. However, as stressful as all of that can be, MOST of the time we take it all in stride. The separations are the hardest, but i’m hoping those get a little easier to handle. You can handle a lot when you both grew up as Army Brats! 🙂

Pastor talked about how the devil tries different tactics against each of us until he finds something that works. What works on me may not work so well on you and vice versa. I am extremely close to my family and friends and my relationships with them mean the world to me. They are what I will do anything for to keep in tact and healthy. Now I also have a marriage that I guard above all else as I was raised to. 🙂 However, it breaks my heart when relationships fall apart or you feel like there is nothing in your power that will heal the problem. This is even more difficult for me being that I always want to fix things and don’t like it when problems are outside of my control! It is easy to allow this hurt and pain to turn into bitterness. It’s also very easy to forget that even when we fight with each other or get annoyed at that car that just cut us off, it’s not the person with whom we are angry. I need to remember in my own life that the devil will try anything to get to me and I have to not let him.

I often want or need other peoples approval and all that I should care about is God’s (and my husband’s of course). It makes me sad when people don’t respect our marriage: mostly because they have not been witness to good marriages in their own lives. I can’t take it personally any longer when people try to devalue our marriage. We entered into a covenant with each other and God and NO person can break that (not even the courts)…it’s a pretty awesome feeling. If others don’t value that, it doesn’t devalue our marriage covenant and I know where we stand so why should it matter?

I am in NO way a perfect person (anyone who knows me will tell you that!). However, I am truly trying to do better in my life. The only person I can “control” is myself and I just need to make sure that I am doing the right thing in God’s eyes. Sometimes all you can do is pray and “let go and let God”. I have to have faith that God will heal the situation…and heal Ryan’s and my hearts.

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