6 Months in…forever to go!

We’re 6 months into our marriage and finally beginning to feel like we’re “settled” (if there is a such thing in the military). We’ve already been living in our new home in Savannah/HAAF, GA for over 3 months and so far we are loving it. We didn’t know much about it before we moved to the area except that everyone said “you’ll love it”. The best part of that was it left LOTS of room for exploration and accidental discoveries. That is the beauty of moving to a new place is watching it slowly become “home”.

This fall I began taking my first Master’s class from Liberty Online and am working toward my degree in Marriage & Family Therapy (Counseling). I am loving my classes and it helps to keep me busy when Ryan is gone/working his crazy hours. I am still working as a security consultant on the side, which is amazing because it allows plenty of time for outside activities. PWOC started back up for the fall and, even though we’re only 2 weeks in, I am so thankful for my mom telling me to check it out. The ladies of the group are so caring and have such a heart for sharing the love of Christ. I think I am really going to be blessed by this wonderful group! I’m finally starting to get involved in the FRG for Ryan’s unit so that’s pretty exciting!

Ryan is doing great and definitely hit the ground running with his new unit. He’s already been TDY, sent to training and did awesome (no shock there!). We have our first annual ball with the unit coming up next month and we’ve met some pretty cool people. Hopefully he’ll be getting a pretty awesome change in his job, but more to come on that later! He even met the Under Secretary of the Army and got coined. Did I mention i’m pretty proud of him and all that he has accomplished in less than 4 years in the Army?!

This coming weekend we’re headed to our first PATRIOTS game (my first NFL game) with my parents in Atlanta. We’re super stoked and can’t wait to cheer them on in person and take a ton of pictures.

~Mrs. Melissa Grim

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