11 Months in…

Today is our 11 Month-iversary and we can’t believe we’re only 4 weeks from a year!!!  This first 11 months has just flown by!

This past month has been an exciting month for us…especially the last week.  I was able to visit my sister’s family in Tennessee to meet our sweet new niece (Kinsey) and celebrate the twins’ birthday (Josh & Savannah).  I also got to see my parents and hang out with my friend Noel who recently moved to Nashville.  It was a nice weekend and was so great to see some of our family: a rarity when we are all so spread out now.

Sunday we adopted our sweet 9 week old Boston Terrier and named him Yawkey.  For our non-New England friends, Yawkey Way is where Fenway Park and the Boston Red Sox are located.  Yawkey is the sweetest and smartest little puppy I’ve ever seen.  He’s the runt of the litter so he hasn’t even broken 2 lbs.!  Can’t wait to have him fully trained and have lots of fun playing with this little guy.

Ryan, Melissa and Yawkey!

Ryan, Melissa and Yawkey!

Ryan also finished up his 5 week NCO (Non Commissioned Officer) training down at Ft. Stewart, GA.  WLC (Warrior Leadership Course) was kind of a pain, but easy for him compared to all of his other training he’s done in the past year.  I love getting to see him accomplish things in his career…and dress up in his dress blues.  I’m such a proud wifey!  Plus, it’s good to have my husband home for a few weeks!

Ft Stewart WLC Class 03-14

Ft Stewart WLC Class 03-14

I love being able to stand by him in these moments!

I love being able to stand by him in these moments!

Lots of fun coming up in the next month as well as we finish out our first year as a married couple.  Here’s to many more blissful years as Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Grim!

~Melissa G.

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