One Year of Marriage…but always Newlyweds!

Last weekend, Ryan and I celebrated our 1 Year Wedding Anniversary!  Even with all of the crazy business of the past 12 months it still did not seem real to either of us that that much time had passed!  Sometimes I still can’t believe that we have been so blessed in our relationship.  This first year threw a LOT of difficulties our way but through clinging to each other and our faith in God, we have only grown closer.

In true Ryan and Melissa fashion, we had to be extremely unordinary with our celebration.  We started the weekend on Friday by driving to Atlanta to run our first Spartan Race (Spartan Sprint)!!  Our road trips are always a blast and we got in lots of singing, dancing, laughing and just quality time with each other followed by camping out at the edge of the parking lot for the race.  (Like I said, we never do anything normal.)  The next morning we packed everything up and headed into the “Danger Zone”. 😉  Our “heat” wasn’t until 9:45 so that gave the weather a little time to warm up from a steamy 37 degrees (didn’t have much effect on the freezing mud puddles though)!  We ran almost 5 miles with 18ish obstacles through mud, over/under walls, and over fire!  Our race was fun, exhausting, challenging and extremely rewarding!  For my spec ops soldier, it was a walk in the park; For me, it was the most difficult thing I have ever done.  We both came out caked in mud, tired and pumped, and with a new thirst for more adventure!  This was only the start and now we’re on the “Trail to Trifecta”!  I have a ways to go to even come close to my husband, but I plan on being WAY more ready for our “Super” in August!

We are officially SPARTANS!!! AROO!!!

We are officially SPARTANS!!! AROO!!!

Almost immediately after getting cleaned up, partaking in our free drink and Core Power (crack protein shake), we got on the road to Fayetteville to celebrate the rest of our anniversary.  We arrived in Fayetteville just in time to catch the DUKE game with the fam.  We have so missed watching the big sporting moments with my sports obsessed family so it was awesome to get that time as well.  Plus, DUKE beat unc (cryolina) just like our wedding night!  Perfect intro into our actual anniversary day!

Ryan handled all of the planning for our wonderful weekend so a few things were surprises for me.  We spent the 9th at Barrington House, the B&B where we were married and spent our wedding night.  It was great to relive the day with the staff and enjoy some of the same food that was served to us and our guests.  We even had the top layer of our wedding cake that was every bit as delicious as last year!  As hopeless romantics and sentimental nuts like we are, we couldn’t be happier that we got to spend our 1 year back where we became one.  Barrington is filled with so many sweet memories and a lot of the sights, smells and moments came back to us.  The Barrington staff cooked us up a yummy breakfast with delicious coffee in our “favor” mugs and then we were on our way to our 2nd year of Wedded Bliss as Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Grim!!

1 Year later and even more in love!

~Still MRS. Melissa Grim ❤

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