The little things…

It’s so easy sometimes to get weighed down by all of the stresses that life throws our way. This can be especially true in the military. However, all of the little moments and treasures in life can be easy missed while we’re worrying about something else. This is something that I am trying to remind myself lately…to take time “embracing the journey” and to appreciate the little things.

Lately I have been stressing about how much my husband has to be away from me. It’s hard to not be jealous of civilians and those in jobs that allow them to be near their spouses. It’s also very difficult to learn how to bite your tongue when people joke about or make fun of their spouses or tell you that “you knew what you were getting into”. I adore my husband. Anyone who has met me or befriended me on facebook can tell you that in less than 5 minutes. I can’t stand to be away from him and I waited 29 years to have the family that I have now. I want him there for every little thing (big or small) that happens in my world and this makes it especially hard when he has to leave. All of those letters and little tiny love notes that we leave for each other can be lost in the pain of the moment.

We have a few advantages being in the military, however (and i’m not talking about our “lavish lifestyle” and “tremendous benefits”). We are afforded so many wonderful little moments that one can’t even begin to imagine without having experienced. Yes, goodbyes (especially before a deployment) cut you to your core and the stress and worry that you feel can’t be measured. However, the feeling you get when you finally receive that text that says “I’m here and i’m safe” literally makes your whole week! The countdown is difficult, but every day is one day closer than before and the excitement of homecoming just builds and builds until you finally wrap your arms around their neck and have that “first kiss” all over again!! NOTHING can compare to the feeling of knowing that your soldier is home safe again and back where he belongs! Even those little goodbyes with a TDY give you a small homecoming to be treasured. I am trying to remember to take the time to appreciate all of those little moments that I have the pleasure of experiencing with my soldier. Those military balls are a wonderful opportunity to make him look all handsome in his dress blues (aka monkey suit). 😉 I love the traditions and the honors that most never get to experience. We are so much closer than we would be if we didn’t experience so much pain and heartache with each other. We don’t have family near us and our friends rotate in and out of our lives every few years. This only brings our little family even closer and makes us cling harder to our love for each other. Soon our future kiddos will learn to appreciate this world as well and see how great their advantages will be even with the extra heartaches. I know my heart is going to overflow with even more love when I see him tuck our babies into bed or sing to them. I am so very blessed!

Family pictures in downtown Savannah, GA (Spring 2014)

Family pictures in downtown Savannah, GA (Spring 2014)

Whenever I see him in his uniform or hear from his brothers in arms (especially his superiors) what a great soldier he is my heart just bursts with pride. Whenever someone thanks him for his service they have no idea how much they make all of those goodbyes worth it. Everyone wants to feel appreciated for what they do…no matter their role in life. My husband is a true American hero…and not just because of the fact that he serves but in the way that he does. And he does look so amazing while doing so! 😉

So remember to take the time to appreciate the special moments that we are afforded in the military. If you’re not a military family, find your own special moments. Take the time to thank a service member and his family for the sacrifices they make on a DAILY basis so that you don’t have to. Those are the little things that make what we do seem worth it!

~Melissa G

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