Life Lessons

Do you ever watch scary movies where the kid is trying to tell the parents that he’s seeing ghosts and no one will believe him until it’s too late? I get so caught up in being frustrated for the child that I can’t even focus on the movie. It’s the most frustrating thing to know something that people won’t believe the truth when it is right out front. This is what gossip does…besides destroy lives and relationships. For me, I hate when people believe gossip and lies about me or my family without bothering to find out the truth. However, I’ve learned that this only speaks to that person’s character and has no bearing on me or who I am. I can’t change anyone’s view of me and that doesn’t make me a bad person that people choose to believe things that aren’t true.

I am a firm believer in constant growth and development. I believe that each of us should always be working on improving things in ourselves and trying to be better people. Not one of us is perfect and realizing that is half of the battle. This is one of the reasons why I love the study of psychology so much and believe that everyone should attend counseling at least once. This is not a sign of weakness…it is a sign of strength that you’re willing to recognize and battle your weaknesses.

One of the life lessons that I’ve been learning lately is that it’s okay for people not to like me. I’m not saying that I’ve mastered this, but i’m definitely working on it! See, I love with my whole heart and I always put everyone else before myself. My relationships are important to me…especially with family members/close friends. This can be a very positive and very negative thing for these relationships because I set my expectations too high. These high expectations brought me the most amazing man on the planet who gives me such a happy life and make me feel so loved and appreciated every day of my life. However, this can cause a lot of pain when you “expect” others to love you like you love them.

I have learned that not all families are as I’ve seen and stick together through thick and thin and it is truly sad when your eyes are opened to this. If you have a family that always has your back…cherish it and don’t look down on others if theirs isn’t that way. Chances are, that’s not their fault and it pains them more than you will ever be able to comprehend. Remember that when a person talks to you about others…chances are they’re talking to others about you.

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