Grim Twins – Weeks 7 & 8

How far along? 7-8 Weeks Pregnant
Total weight gain: 0 so far…but I gained a lot before I got pregnant due to fertility treatments/not being able to work out, so my doc isn’t concerned.
Maternity clothes? Ryan and my mom both spoiled me in the last few weeks.  It’s mostly from bloat now, but i’m starting to feel a little bit when i’m standing and it’s definitely making my pants tighter (plus maternity clothes are sooooo much more comfy!)
Stretch marks? Not yet…but it’s early yet!
Sleep: EXHAUSTED is not the word for it!  I overdid it a little bit on my business trip to Ft. Bragg leading up to my 8th week and i’ve paid for it this week….in lots of naps. LoL.  The usual: I try to get in about an hour nap or so after lunch then we’re typically in bed before 10 at night.  I watch a little bit of Friends or I read until i’m tired enough to sleep.  Last week I COULD not sleep without Ryan. 😦  I was up every hour it seemed, but this week has been MUCH better, thank God.  Lord knows these babies need Mommy to rest and i’m going to miss sleep once they arrive! 🙂
Best moment this week:  We got to go to my first OB appointment on Wednesday (January 20th) and Tricare actually approved for me to go off post on Prime (a HUGE blessing since it means they’ll pick up the tab).  Although we didn’t get an ultrasound, we will get to see our wee babies in 2 more weeks!  I’ve already been blessed to see them twice though due to a scare last week at Ft. Bragg.  Although it scared the heck out of us and I HATED being away from Ryan, I loved seeing those sweet babies on the screen and watching their little heartbeats.  I couldn’t believe how much bigger they’d become in just a week!   It’s such an amazing feeling watching them on the screen and I can’t wait for us to be able to watch them grow!!
Miss Anything?  SANDWICHES.  I’ve been craving them lately…probably because I know that I can’t have deli meat, but it’s the only thing I really miss.     
Movement:  Not for a few more weeks still…  
Food cravings/aversions:  Mongolian!!!  And we have NOWHERE decent in Savannah.  I was craving pickles early on, but i’ve had more aversions than anything.  Every day it’s something new that sounds gross. LoL
Symptoms:  Still pretty nauseous on and off (sometimes in the morning and sometimes at night).  Mostly just VERY sore and cramping off and on.  I already have to be careful to not get up too fast or make any sudden moves.  Occasional sharp pains here and there, but I was reassured that it’s all normal…especially with multiples.  We have to do twice as much growing, so it starts a lot earlier.
Anything making you queasy or sick:  The usual: Cigarette smoke and strong cologne/perfumes.
Labor Signs:  NO!  Praying we make it to at least 37 weeks with these two 🙂
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or Moody most of the time: Mostly happy…except when I see everyone else getting snow days but us. 😦 😦  After so many months on and off the fertility drugs, my body is like “What?  Pregnancy?  Piece of cake these hormones!”
Looking forward to:  All of it!!!  Not trying to wish anything away, but definitely ready to be out of the first trimester so I can relax a little more.  I can’t wait to feel the babies moving and to share in everything with Ryan!  I can’t wait for other people besides us two to notice that i’m pregnant too 🙂  Anxious for the next ultrasound in 2 weeks! (February 5th).  And soooo ready to start shopping for the babies and setting up the nursery.

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