Grim Twins – Weeks 17 & 18

How far along? 17-18 Weeks Pregnant
Gender Predictions:  Mommy: Boy/Girl; Daddy: Boy/Girl (WE WERE BOTH RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Total weight gain: 4 lbs….still on track 🙂
Maternity clothes? Yep!! :)  And loving them
Stretch marks? A few small ones
Sleep: Sleeping much better.  I have my days where i’m just exhausted, and need a nap, but overall much better. The usual: About 8-9 hours a night.
Best moment this week: 17 Weeks 3 Days: We found out that we’re having a handsome boy and a beautiful girl!!!!  Our hearts are so overjoyed and overflowing with love for these two already.  It’s amazing how much love our hearts can contain.  I know I keep saying that at every new step, but there was nothing like getting to see them on screen and find out what we were having.  Plus, I love knowing that we have a Logan Connor and an Emma Riley on board!!! 🙂  Another amazing moment from the ultrasound was getting to see their little heads together!!!  They’re taking up more and more space so they’re starting to interact more and more and it was so beautiful to see their heads next to each other.  My prayer is that they stay close and the best of friends throughout their lives!!!
Miss Anything?  Not really.
Movement:  Felt the babies move for the very first time when Big Papi/David Ortiz was up at bat during Spring Training!  May 10th (the day after our 3 year anniversary)!! Red Sox babies already:)  Love our little New Englandahs:)  Later that night at dinner I felt my first kick!  It was amazing and I started crying right in the middle of Cheesecake Factory and scared Daddy!  I love it and can’t wait until Daddy can share in the experience :)
Food cravings/aversions:  GETTING HUNGRY A LOT!!!!  Craving french fries (potato anything) and fried pickles still.  And still craving those sammiches that I can’t have. LoL  NO real aversions.
Symptoms:  Feeling great but getting really sore off and on.  A little bit of back pain and quite a bit of stretching sensations and soreness
Anything making you queasy or sick:  The usual: Cigarette smoke and strong cologne/perfumes.
Labor Signs:  NO!  Praying we make it to at least 37 weeks with these two :)
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or Moody most of the time: Mostly happy…except for traffic in Savannah lol After so many months on and off the fertility drugs, my body is like “What?  Pregnancy?  Piece of cake these hormones!”
Looking forward to:  MORE SHOPPING/Setting up the nursery/Baby showers.  I’m so torn between being anxious for these babies to arrive and not wanting my pregnancy to end.  I absolutely LOVE being pregnant…love, love, LOVE IT!

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