Grim Twins ~ 33 Weeks

How far along? 33 Weeks Pregnant (T-3 weeks until our minimum “goal week”!!!!)
Total weight gain: 37.3 lbs.
Stretch marks?  A few on the underside of my belly and a couple on my hips…Mama stripes!! 🙂 ❤
Symptoms: Contractions are getting stronger, and a little more frequent.  I’m trying to put myself on bed rest more and more since I get tired easily and can easily overdo it.  Morning nausea and a little bit of dizziness.  Swelling has been constant now…and no more rings or jewelry.  This week I also had some crazy numbness in my legs as though both of my legs went to sleep. They’ve “dropped” so they’re probably sitting on my nerves.  Yesterday I had a LOT of contractions, but nothing regular so we’re hoping it’s the not the start of anything to come.
Appointments: This week started our twice weekly visits: Maternal Fetal Medicine/Perinatology and my OB/GYN.  We found out that both babies have “dropped”, but Emma is now breech instead of transverse.  Come on, baby girl, flip around so that mommy can deliver you naturally! 😉
Sleep: I wake up/roll around a LOT (at least every 1.5 hours) and get up to use the bathroom a lot.  The pregnancy pillow helps, but there’s only so much it can do lol.  The babies are just sleep training me ❤️
Best moment this week: 1) 4th of July/Independence Day!!!  It’s my favorite holiday (tied with Christmas), but it’s not as much fun being outside of New England.  We still had fun and got to take the kayak out to finally get it in some water and lit off some of our own cheap fireworks (the kind that don’t leave the ground) just for the heck of it.  We  watched fireworks on post and they weren’t too bad 🙂 2) Ryan’s unit had the annual beach jump/flyover out at Tybee (FINALLY with a chinook) and it was so nice to be able to get in the water!  We only stayed for a couple of hours so Mommy didn’t get too overheated.  It’s crazy how quickly I feel like I’ve done enough and need to rest.
Worst moment this week: Not getting to be home for Independence Day with my family.  It’s so hard to miss our biggest holiday of the year and the one I used to always help my mom plan.  But we’re so excited that next year we’ll have our precious babies with us.  I can’t wait for them to fall in love with Maine and make some amazing memories back home!  Also, the HORRIBLE heat and humidity.
Miss Anything?  I still LOVE being pregnant and am so thankful that I get this amazing opportunity.
Movement:  LOTS!!!  We’re glad to feel them moving and turning because it definitely keeps me from stressing too much :). They love playing together at 1am and mommy thanks God for all of these little moments.  It’s all going to be over so soon 😦
Food cravings/aversions:  GETTING HUNGRY A LOT!!!!  Lobster, fried clams like CRAZY, fries, steamers from home in Maine. 😦  And sammiches again 🙂
Anything making you queasy or sick:  The usual: Mornings as well as Cigarette smoke and cologne/perfumes.
Labor Signs:  Had a couple good size contractions this past week so Daddy has been making sure mommy takes it extra easy, but thankfully they haven’t been “productive” 🙂
Wedding rings on or off? They’ve had to come off for good (during the pregnancy at least).
Happy or Moody most of the time: Mostly happy still:)  I am getting more emotional and cry really easily (over sad and happy things).  Hoping they stay safe and “baking” for at least 3 more weeks, but we’re getting more and more anxious/excited to hold them!
Looking forward to:  We  still need to get Daddy his new truck before the babies get here, but we’re waiting on NC to get off their butts and send us his title.  Waiting on a few little items for the nursery, then we just need to put the finishing touches on everything! 🙂 🙂  We’re getting so incredibly anxious to meet our perfect babies, but are still hoping and praying to make it to at least 36/37 weeks and for no NICU/Specialty Care Nursery!

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