Busy and Loving it!

Operation: Marry My Soldier = <9 Weeks til "I DO"
59 days to go!
2 MONTHS!!!!

My favorite twins turned 1 today!! I can't believe how far they've come from being preemies, and it doesn't seem like it's been a year already. God truly does work miracles and we are so thankful! My sister and brother-in-law are so great with them and J&S are so blessed to have them as parents.

I am loving having all of the fun appts for my wedding now. Monday we picked out our flowers and they’re going to be BEAUTIFUL!!! Last night I had my dress fitting to get my alterations done and I just love getting to put that dress on! I can’t wait until my bridal portraits since that will be the first real time I get to put it on…plus I LOVE pictures! Ahh, there are soooo many fun and exciting things coming up over the next 2-3 months. Even after the wedding we have the honeymoon, professional pictures coming back, and our wedding video to watch! Now we’re into all of the fun things!! 🙂

My amazing fiance got our honeymoon booked last night! We’re so ready for 11 days and 10 nights in Ireland!!! We have both always wanted to go and to get to be there over St. Patty’s Day is going to be amazing!

Did I mention I just LOVE being a bride?! 🙂


New Year…New Beginnings

Operation: Marry My Soldier = <10 Weeks til "I DO"
65 days to go!

I am pretty sure that everyone takes some time to reflect at the end of a year/beginning of a new one. Many take that time to make New Year's resolutions on things that they want to change in themselves. This year, rather than making one resolution, I am choosing to take one thing a month and work on it. For example, this month I want to stop complaining as much and try to be more positive. I realized that I often focus on the negative and the ways people have wronged me and I should be focusing on all of the good. This is MUCH easier said than done!

I am so very excited to fly to Tennessee tonight to visit my sister and her family. Her gorgeous babies are having their 1st birthday party on Saturday! It's so hard to believe that those two little miracles are turning 1! Everytime I see them I am reminded of God's wonderful blessings and how He gives us the desires of our hearts, even when it takes a miracle. 🙂

The wedding finally seems to be coming along as we get into crunch time. Next week we'll already be sending out invitations! Then we have to start working on all of the little DIY projects that I have planned for the reception/decorations/pictures. The closer we get, the more real it feels and the more anxious and excited that I get!

I can't wait to be Mrs. Grim!


Everything made new…

Operation: Marry My Soldier = <10 Weeks til "I DO"
68 days to go!

This is my last post of 2012!!! I can't believe this time last year R and I were daydreaming of what it would be like to finally celebrate our first real New Year's…and our first one together. Tonight we'll finally get that opportunity.

Last year I was counting down to R&R (and what would be our engagement) and his eventual homecoming. Now i'm counting down to our wedding and the beginning of our "forever"! Our future is not what we had even tried to plan with our wedding date switching, his job changing, and our upcoming move to GA. Just goes to show you that both God and Uncle Sam have senses of humor and to never count on ANYTHING until it happens. For some people, this would be extremely nerve-wracking, but we love it! Theres's something sort of amazing about not knowing where we'll be 3 years from now when Ryan re-ups for another 6-ish years. We could put in for Hawaii or Alaska, stay in GA, or even try for Germany!

At the risk of sounding extremely mushy (who am I kidding, I do this a lot and never care!) I am so blessed to have the greatest man by my side. There is no one better man that I can imagine taking this journey through life with. I am so excited to finally become one in God's eyes and to follow R and his career with our own little family (without kids for now).

Bring on 2013 and all of the adventures that it holds for us!


10 Things You May Not Know About Military Wives

I found this article online and had to share. These are so true…even if i’m not a “wife” yet. ❤

10 Things You May Not Know About Military Wives

1. When a deployment is imminent, we just want it to start. That doesn't mean we want our spouses to leave. We don't. But when the date has been set and our husband's bag is sitting half-packed in the corner of the bedroom, we start getting anxious, worried and a little bit angry. We think about the upcoming months and everything he's going to miss and everything we're going to have to do alone. It's overwhelming. Once they leave, we can start to tackle the challenges one at a time and that's so much easier than the waiting. But those last few weeks before he leaves are wrought with frustration, nervousness and a little fear.

2. We are not miserable the whole time they are gone. We don't like that our family is split up, but we can't live in the future or press a pause button on our life, so we focus on other things. Hobbies, children, visiting friends and family, work; our life is still full. Just not complete.

3. But there are tears right underneath the surface. Whenever our children do something new, or something exciting or sad happens, or even when there have been just too many nights that we've stayed in alone, we get really sad. And we can't always be sad because we don't want to upset the kids.

4. That being said, most of us like our lifestyle. We enjoy the adventure of moving every few years, starting over, making new friends and living in various parts of the country and world. We have close friends everywhere. It's stressful yes, but also exciting.

5. We rely on our friends a lot. Even when our husbands are home, we are used to being canceled on at the last minute, not knowing schedules until an hour before an event, or having a job take precedence over the family. So, we have friends who are reliable, patient, flexible and who make us laugh. We love and truly appreciate our friends. So do the kids.

6. Our children are well adjusted and okay. In fact, most of the time, they are amazing in their ability to see the silver lining in every challenge. From the beginning of their lives, they've moved around, started over and had a parent leave for huge amounts of time. We have lots of strategies to help them stay connected, and we analyze how to make each deployment as painless as possible on the children.

7. We don't need or want pity. We look for love, friendship and fun. We don't need you to say "I'm sorry," when we tell you our husbands are away. We knew what we signed up for when we got married. However, we'd be so grateful for a helping hand. Helping us with something that would normally take two people, like shoveling snow or even just bringing in our grill for the winter would be awesome and will relieve the stress a little.

8. Please don't ask us what we are going to do to "keep busy" when our husbands are gone. Just like you have a healthy relationship with things outside your marriage, so do we. We don't need to "keep ourselves entertained" or "find something to do to pass the time" while he's gone. Those comments are insulting. We will just continue to live our life. Yes, there will be a hole in it, but we will not be pining away for six months or a year. So don't try to give us projects or find stuff to keep us busy. We'll be fine.

9. There are romantic moments about military life that rival only the most dramatic movies. We've been spun around by a man in uniform after he hasn't seen us in months. We've seen our children run toward their daddy with pure glee and excitement. We've dressed up like royalty and attended military galas and we've watched ships pull into port, with sailors standing at attention around the perimeter.

10. And sometimes the civilian population can be so supportive and sweet that it just brings tears to our eyes. These moments are precious and get us through all the tough stuff. So thank you. We appreciate all the thoughts, good wishes and the extra stuff you do to make us feel better. We notice it. We see it. And it really does help.


Bachelor’s Achieved!

Operation: Marry My Soldier = <12 Weeks til "I DO"
82 days to go!

So, life is pretty crazy and awesome lately!  I have wrapped up my Bachelor's degree!  It is a pretty crazy feeling since i've been in college off and on since 2001.  It's so AMAZING to be done!  The only part that stinks is that Ryan missed my AA graduation becuase he was deployed, and now he'll miss my BS graduation because he'll be in training.  Again, joy of the army life.

We're really booking it on the wedding planning now that we're down to 2 1/2 months left!  We've gotten so much done, but I still have 109 "To-Dos" on my list on "The Knot" and that's not even everything!  I am loving every minute of it now though.  I feel like I can relax a bit more.  I am so beyond blessed that Ryan has been such a big help with everything.  I often hear about girls saying "Oh, they say that, but they never help".  He doesn't like to be excluded from ANYTHING and that's one of the many, many reasons why I absolutely adore him.  I so wish my sister and my best girlfriend were here to share in the fun, planning…and work, but again…the joy of the army life.

It continues to amaze me how God plans everything out even when we can't see what He has in store. I have a really awesome business opportunity that is coming up after the first of the year and it's an opportunity that I have always wanted. God truly has our best interests at heart and is constantly steps ahead of us. I am so blessed to have my future in His hands.

So, within our first month of marriage Ryan will be leaving for training and then we'll be PCS'ing within the first 3 months. I can't wait for these adventures though. Who knows where his career will take us and both of us love traveling and exploring new places. I think it will be great for our marriage and our little family to have all of these adventures together and I couldn’t ask for a better partner for the journey!


Oh, you were planning a wedding?

Indoctrination by fire I guess…

Last monday we found out that Ryan got orders and we may have to do some rearranging for our wedding.  I just love how the Army always throws wrenches in your plans and then you’re scared to nail down anything solid.  Right now everything is up in the air as he tries to find out more information or see if he will be able to switch his training.  As frustrating and stressful as it will be…all that matters is that we are getting married and that our loved ones will be there.

Yesterday was hard and getting all of the vendors to agree on a date…again has been difficult.  Then there were some complications with my brother-in-law/sister and some of Ryan’s family.  That was the first time I was truly upset…I just want the important people to be there to celebrate on our special day.

The army life is definitely not for the faint of heart, that’s for sure!  I know this is just one of those things and you just have to roll with the punches.  No matter what, I know our day will be perfect.  In the end, I will be his Mrs. and that’s the important part!

The dumbing down of America…

This is where I come to get all of my thoughts out, so if anyone actually reads this…allow me to apologize ahead of time.

I am frustrated, to say the least.  I’m extremely disappointed in my country for the 2nd time in my life.  God gave us this amazing country in which to live and enjoy freedoms some thought impossible.  What have we done?  We have run it into the ground.  We are in the worst financial/job situation since the Great Depression, our “commander in chief” is weakening our military and national defense almost to the point of no return and we have fallen away from the Christian values on which we were founded.  We should be ashamed of ourselves.  But what are people doing?  Partying in the streets that they can murder babies for at least another 4 years, have unlimited “free” supplies of birth control, and live off of my tax dollars forever.  I’m fed up.

I have to disagree with all of these people saying we have to blindly back and “submit” to the government.  Maybe we’re both wrong, but my Bible tells me to stand up to authority when they are leading us away from God’s instructions.  Yes, I will continue to pay my taxes (although I can’t find a job because he’s ruined our economy) and I will not break any laws.  It ends there.  I will NOT be quiet about what he is doing to my beloved country.  I will NOT shut up when there are people being led like sheep to the slaughter and taking the rest of us with them.

You will never convince me that he gives the tiniest crap about America.  All his famiy has done is apologize to other countries, destroy our nation defense, make fun of our traditions and strip our freedom.  Oh, and he couldn’t even salute the flag until he got crap for that.  His plan was to get into office to destroy us from the inside out and he is succeeding while Americans are falling for it…again.

The only things I have left are my voice and my prayers.  I will continue to be one of the few still praying that God will have mercy on us and turn this around…  Nothing is impossible for HIM, I just hope it’s not too late.  If it is, i’ll see ya on the other side from my mansion in paradise 😉